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Brb dorking
almost_knightly wrote in pandoradr_ooc
[/find last time we did this; copy, paste~]


1. Your character will be trapped in a closet.
2. Your character will know the only way to come out of the closet is to make-out.
3. You will make out with the person who tags you for seven comments.
4. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to rule #3.
5. CR is fine, but remember rule #3.

*Or not, depending...

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[Okay, so he got out of the kiss--

Oh, no-- Oh--

He can't quite contain another little moan and his knees go weak. How can that feel so good?

It's right about the time that the earring is flicked that his brain stops functioning.]

[Oh, yes. That's exactly what he was going for. And now that the other Liam is so thoroughly distracted, it's a good time to slip one hand down between them and find out if he's as aroused as he should be by now.

He's also keeping the other hand behind Liam's head, partly to keep hold of him and partly to keep him from whacking himself unconscious against the wall with the inevitable flailing to come.

And if he's done this just right, Hobbles won't even notice the click of the lock opening. Handsy does, but he ignores it. He's not finished here yet.]

[to be continued over here]

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