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Brb dorking
almost_knightly wrote in pandoradr_ooc
[/find last time we did this; copy, paste~]


1. Your character will be trapped in a closet.
2. Your character will know the only way to come out of the closet is to make-out.
3. You will make out with the person who tags you for seven comments.
4. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to rule #3.
5. CR is fine, but remember rule #3.

*Or not, depending...

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Oh dear! This place certainly has a disturbing sense of humor, doesn't it?

[Oh ho ho, this is perfect!]

[Have a resigned, dread-filled stare. He has to kiss a version of himself? Not cool, Mansion. Not cool.

With his luck, it's Handsy.]

This place is sadistic.

{Well, ouch! Have a *pout,* Hobbles.]

It could be much worse, couldn't it? I've lost track of how many Vincent Nightrays there are here. Would you rather be locked in here with one of them?

[He takes a step closer, but not too close yet.]

You could always close your eyes and pretend I'm someone else, if that makes it less of a horror for you.

[Like Xerxes... But he doesn't say that out loud.]

[The very idea makes him cringe.]

I'd rather not be locked in here with anyone.

[Liam takes a step back.]

Look, maybe together we can figure out some other way?

[He's so inexperienced, and he doesn't want to be molested by another version of himself--especially not one that seems so inclined to such things!]

[Oh dear, just as expected. Has the poor boy ever even been kissed? Probably not. Well, good for the Mansion for hoisting him over that hurdle, then!]

If you can think of anything, I'm willing to try it, but you know as well as I do how this place works. It would probably be easier to get out of the Abyss itself.

And, quite frankly, I really don't think the obvious solution is all that terrible. Wouldn't it be quicker and easier to just get it over with? A simple kiss is all that's needed, if I'm not mistaken.

[In other words, no real molesting intended! Probably.]

It most certainly is terrible! This place, honestly!

[Of course this double isn't bothered by it.]


[He spends a bit thinking about it. A derringer certainly won't do damage to that lock, even if a regular gun would. That's the only thing he's able to think of.]

I don't suppose you carry a gun larger than a derringer?

[Sigh. Not going to make this easy, are you?]

I have a pistol, but I don't keep it with me. I rather doubt it would work, anyway. Remember, the Will of the Mansion who was generous enough to provide us with our weapons is the same Will who locked us in here.

[He's debating whether to just take matters into his own hands, thinking the long-term fallout might be worth doing whatever it takes to get that door open.]

[Of course he isn't.]

I really hate this place. It's bad enough that it drags us away from home, but this is inexcusable.

[So not playing, Handsy.]

sorry, I didn't know he was going to rant like this!

[So irritating!]

Do you think I like it any better? I despise all these little games it plays with us. But hating it won't get us out of here, and it won't get us home.

[He takes a step closer, but only to speak in a much lower voice, dropping to a hiss at the end.]

What else can we do but play along with it, for now and learn all we can about it? Just blend in and observe everything that goes on here, as we've always done. At least, that's what I've been trained to do, and from what I've seen, you're not very different in that regard. If we learn enough, eventually we might learn how to get the hell out of this place!

[Yes, he's about out of patience with all of it. This is probably his counterpart's last chance to cooperate willingly.]

Well, he dropped his mask?

[Liam backs up at the outburst, right into the wall, reminded suddenly that this man is most definitely not him even if he looks like him.

He'll be holding his hands up to ward him off, defensive.]

Others--including Rufus--have been doing the same thing for years now. If the Will of the Abyss can be cowed by this thing--and she is stuck here as well, I've had the misfortune to discover--then there's no way to subvert the Will of the Mansion.

But that doesn't mean I'm going to cooperate with it!

Well, he definitely dropped it now! Also, 1?

[He barely manages to bite back a scathing comment about Rufus Barma and all the rest of Pandora, then the rest of Liam's words sink in. Even the Will is trapped here? No way! There goes his pet theory that the entire mansion is a Chain.

He follows Liam right back to that wall and puts his hand on it, right next to his good shoulder.]

Then you're content to just stay in here indefinitely, just to defy it? I would rather not!

[And his other hand grips Liam's chin and holds it in place. Hobbles is getting kissed, right now, and that's that.]

[Whatever Liam might have been about to say is cut off when Handsy kisses him, and he uses where his hands are to shove at his chest.

WTH is with the aggression, Handsy?]

[He's in better shape than his counterpart, so the shoving isn't going to accomplish much. But more importantly, he's a pretty good kisser no matter what a certain Xerxes might say, and he's another Liam. He'll just try doing all the little things that he likes, like caressing down the side of his face and his throat under and behind his ear, and teasing at Liam's lips with his own, the way his own Xerxes does with him. If those don't work, he'll try something else.

He would rather get his other self to enjoy this at least a little, and besides, a totally one-sided kiss probably won't be enough to open the door.

Either way, it will be an educational experience for his innocent counterpart.]

[Well, shoving didn't work, and the caresses only creep him out--specifically because they feel good.

But when he touches a spot behind his ear, one that this Liam had absolutely no idea existed, he can't quite stop himself from letting out a little moan.]


[It's tempting to just give in, to let it happen, but he's a Liam. Which means he's incredibly stubborn. He'll be trying to move his head away now, thx.

No giving in for you, Handsy. Not while he has a functioning brain.]

[Ah yes, THAT spot. He knows it well. (So does his Xerxes.) Let's try the back of the neck just at the hairline; sometimes that's a good one, too. Of course, there's one touch that would really earn this Liam his nickname, but he's not going to try that quite yet.

He just grins and lets the other man turn his head away a bit, trailing kisses along his jaw and then - gently sucking on his earlobe, tongue flicking at his earring a little. He's hoping this still counts as making out to the mansion, but even if it doesn't, it's an experiment; will this derail his counterpart's brain as effectively as it does his own?

Getting his brain to stop functioning for a minute or two is part of the goal here, after all.]

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