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Brb dorking
almost_knightly wrote in pandoradr_ooc
[/find last time we did this; copy, paste~]


1. Your character will be trapped in a closet.
2. Your character will know the only way to come out of the closet is to make-out.
3. You will make out with the person who tags you for seven comments.
4. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to rule #3.
5. CR is fine, but remember rule #3.

*Or not, depending...

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[What kind of sadist--?

Oh, right. The Mansion. Like it hasn't done enough to him.]

[There are fingers curling loosely around your throat Liam, and a purr somewhere near an ear.

Yep, something's looming behind and touching you~]

Hello, little Liam~

[Oh god--

Liam will just flail about until his back is pressed into a corner, staring wide-eyed at Hatter.]



[O so cheerfully, letting go as he smiles pleasently.

Yeah, ignore that lovely red glow his eyes take on in the dark.]

You can break down the door, right?

[He's still hopeful.]


What are you doing here?

I honestly have no idea, sir. I was just suddenly... here.

[He'll just be going rigid here. A Glen...?]

Oh dear! This place certainly has a disturbing sense of humor, doesn't it?

[Oh ho ho, this is perfect!]

[Have a resigned, dread-filled stare. He has to kiss a version of himself? Not cool, Mansion. Not cool.

With his luck, it's Handsy.]

This place is sadistic.

{Well, ouch! Have a *pout,* Hobbles.]

It could be much worse, couldn't it? I've lost track of how many Vincent Nightrays there are here. Would you rather be locked in here with one of them?

[He takes a step closer, but not too close yet.]

You could always close your eyes and pretend I'm someone else, if that makes it less of a horror for you.

[Like Xerxes... But he doesn't say that out loud.]

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