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Brb dorking
almost_knightly wrote in pandoradr_ooc
[/find last time we did this; copy, paste~]


1. Your character will be trapped in a closet.
2. Your character will know the only way to come out of the closet is to make-out.
3. You will make out with the person who tags you for seven comments.
4. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to rule #3.
5. CR is fine, but remember rule #3.

*Or not, depending...

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[Oh my, how did I get trapped in here? Huh.]

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[there's the sound of someone crashing down on the other side of the closet, and he may or may not be taking jack down.]


[Jack falls easily as he was already startled enough to find himself standing alone in the dark.]


[Jill promptly climbs up over on him, parroting back:]


Why are you in my closet?

[Clueless? Check. Adorable? Check. Kissable . . . ?]

I like it here. It's cozy.

[He leans in.]

[Liam isn't entirely sure who's in here with him.]


[Jack has met a Liam before, but it was too long ago now. He does not recognize the voice.]

Um, yes? This is Jack. Jack Vessalius. You are?

[He hopes this guy knows how to get out of here.]

[Jack. The one he met, or...?]

Liam Lunettes. Did I meet you at the meteor shower a few weeks ago? Or are you a different one?

Liam, hello.

[His tone is familiar, but he admits quietly that he was not that man.]

We haven't met before. At least, you and I have not.

Pleased to make your acquaintance. Rufus tells me nothing but good things of you.

[Wait wait, but why are they in a closet again?]

[Barma tells him what--? Oh... This must be that Jack.]

You're the Jack who belongs to young Gilbert and Vincent, then?

[He really has no idea.]

Perhaps we should find the door and continue this conversation elsewhere?

[Does it really matter how? All that should matter now, is that we're together.]

Pfffft, no you're not. <3


Is someone there?

[What the hell is going on?]

yea xD I'm totally not sorry <3

[Shuffling out from behind the boxes back there.]

Jack?... Jack Vessalius?

[beaming brightly, sasaying over to the blond, tracing a finger down his cheek.]

You're here?.. you're real and you're really here... with me~

[His face loses color.]

E-excuse me!

[He bats away the hand, simplt forgetting his manners in the presence of this man.]

You have no idea how glad I am you fell in here.


[Bang. Jack is up against the door, and being kissed.]

Mmmm . . .

[He melts into him completely.


[He can't seem to stop touching him. It's been so long.]



[Only . . . strange enough . . . why does he sound like Gilbert but feel like Glen?]

Surprise XD. Also tagging by e-mail so icons will be defaulted

...You're not the Jack I know, are you?
[The questioning note to his greeting was enough to establish that.]

I . . . maybe I'm not.

[He's still trying to get used to this place.]

Re: &lt;3 s&#39;all good

Are you new here, then?

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